Here at Elite Process Serving, we can boast over 15 years of experience working as skip tracers here in Cook county and beyond. And, over the course of so much time, we have learned that skip tracing is performed for a tremendous variety of reasons by an incredibly diverse array of people. In some cases, individuals contract skip tracing services in order to assist with a legal need. For example, you may be looking to locate a defendant or to find a witness from that car crash in which you know that you were not at fault. In other cases, individuals hire skip tracers for financial reasons, i.e. someone who owes you money has left town without a trace. And, of course, many people also hire skip tracers for personal reasons, such as the desire to reconnect with an estranged family member or to say goodbye to a long-lost friend. 

In other cases, skip tracers are hired by organizations, or by individuals who are looking for a skip for professional reasons. Examples of this include lawyers, process servers, police detectives, private investigators, journalists, repo agents, and bail bondsman. Here at Elite Processing, for example, we have even been hired by law enforcement services in order to perform difficult skip tracing tasks that fell outside their existing capabilities. 

When it comes to skip tracing in Cook county, there are a number of important challenges that make the job unique. The sheer size of Cook county and the Chicagoland area, for example, can making finding someone within this metropolis of nearly ten million people challenging. Moreover, because people in large cities are more likely to rent (rather than own) compared to their counterparts in small and medium-sized cities, there can sometimes be an overabundance of addresses, address changes, and varying data on public records that can make finding someone difficult. As the Wikipedia Skip tracing page notes, “sometimes the subject’s current whereabouts in the the [collected] data, but are obfuscated by the sheer amount of information of disinformation.” This can certainly be a problem for anyone looking to find a skip in the Cook county area.

And, last but not least, just because a skip tracer is hired in Cook county does not guarantee that the skip has remained in the vicinity of Chicago. In fact, if your skip is deliberately obscuring their whereabouts, it is likely that they have moved to a different part of the country in order to stay out of reach. Given the recent decline in the Chicago metropolitan population, the odds that your skip could be in another part of the country are even greater. This all underscores the importance of hiring a skip tracer who is capable of conducting nationwide searches. 

If you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking to hire a Cook county skip tracer who can help you locate your skip wherever they may be, the Elite Process Serving is the choice for you. Visit us online today to learn more about what makes us the best skip tracing option in Cook county and around the country!