Many process servers follow a business model that is inefficient and outdated. No matter how dedicated or hardworking a single process server may be, there is a limit to how productive he or she can be when working alone.

At Elite, we employ the same principles that successful law firms, manufacturers, and other corporations utilize:  a great executive management team, efficient division of labor, and total utilization of a collective group of resources.

When you work with Elite, you are not just hiring a single process server.  Instead, you are hiring all the following positions that exist in our dynamic group environment:

Primary Contact
The single source representative that you will be working with as a conduit to all of the resources of our organization.

Management Resources
Our executive management team is personally involved in watching over the business of all of our clients and providing expert guidance to all of the associates.

Case Management Departments
The case management departments handle the data entry, tracking court dates, following up with process servers, preparing affidavits, providing status reports, and closing files.

Process Servers
Elite has a team of process servers that are split up into several areas of Illinois. Each process server has a specific coverage area that he or she maintains. This allows us to make the first attempt within 24 to 48 hours.

Research Department
This department performs an in-depth investigation to locate a current address when a subject is found missing.

Our goal was simple; to create a company with a new approach in doing business.  We are able to handle a high volume of business without sacrificing customer service. Customer service and satisfaction are always our #1 priorities.