Skip tracing in today’s modern world of social media and widespread internet use presents something of a paradox. On the one hand, social media can sometimes make tracking people down a bit easier — finding someone’s public profiles and communicating with their friends and family through the web, for example, both offer a great deal of potential. On the other hand, social media has also resulted in a lack of physical documentation such as snail mail that could otherwise be a very useful asset for skip tracers. 

If you are trying to track down a debtor, a long-lost family member, or any other person for that matter, it’s likely that one of the first steps that you took was to hit the web and see if you could find any social media profiles associated with that person in order to offer some clues. If you didn’t find anything, you may be feeling a bit frustrated — you may even think that you are out of options. Thankfully, modern skip tracers still have a number of tricks up their sleeves that can help you locate the person that you are looking for in the great majority of cases.

This is clearly good news for anyone who is searching for a hard-to-find person. And here’s some more good news: If you are considering hiring a skip tracer but you are worried about the cost that it could entail, you should know that new technologies such as social media have helped to lower costs. Finding a missing person is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

There are, of course, many scenarios in which the cost of hiring a skip tracer is insignificant compared to the ramifications of not hiring one. For example, it would be quite foolish to miss out on your opportunity to win a small claims case, find the witness that you need to defend your good name, or locate a long-lost friend simply over a matter of money. Fortunately, those aforementioned falling prices have helped make such difficult choices irrelevant.

Last but not least, you may be wondering about process serving, an important legal procedure that oftentimes accompanies skip tracing. If you need to deliver a document or some other type of legal notification to a difficult-to-locate party, then you may wonder if it is possible to deliver a process through the web. The answer, in most cases, is still no. Although the advancement of technology could one day change, professional process serving will remain an important necessity. 

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