Skip tracing is an important yet oftentimes misunderstood task. If you looking to learn more about skip tracing (or maybe even considering hiring a skip tracer yourself) then this article can help.

QUESTION: What Exactly Is Skip Tracing? 

ANSWER: Skip tracking is the art of finding hard-to-find people. The term comes from the phrase “to skip town,” which is also the origin term “skip.” (A person who is being searched for.) As you can imagine, some skips are deliberately running from something, such as a large debt. Other times, skips are long lost relatives. And in some cases, skips are even criminal defendants. Skip tracers are professionals who specialize in finding skips.

Q: What Methods Do Skip Tracers Use?

A: The most important tool in a skip tracers’ toolbox is usually public records. Good skip tracers oftentimes have strong connections and they know where to look, so they can occasionally pull up a skip’s location immediately simply by searching. Even when this doesn’t happen, however, the info gleaned from public records can oftentimes be very useful. Analyzing public records such as marriage licenses, business licenses, permits, property records, genealogy records, divorce papers, etc. can generally, at the very least, help skip tracers find family, friends, or ex-neighbors of the skip in question. At this point, social engineering may be necessary. In other words, the skip tracer will speak with these contacts in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the skip. 

Q: Why Would I Hire a Skip Tracer?

A: As mentioned earlier, skip tracers are hired for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need to find a witness in a criminal case. Perhaps there is a skip who owes you a substantial amount of money. Or perhaps you are looking for a family member or friend who has left your life.

Q: Is Skip Tracing Expensive?

A: The growth of technology has made skip tracing easier and more affordable than ever: if you are considering hiring a skip tracer, you should get in contact with a trusted company in order to discuss the details of your case, this is the only way to get an accurate estimation of the cost. 

Q: Is Skip Tracing Legal?

A: To state it briefly, yes. However, you should be aware that the legality of certain skip tracing techniques varies from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction — which is exactly why hiring a professional skip tracer is always in your best interest. Trusting your case to a team that understands the rules and can get you results without getting you into trouble is a far superior option to attempting to go it alone.

Q: What happens when skip tracers cannot find their skip?

A: This is another important reasons why hiring a trusted professional organization is a good investment. If you need to find a skip for legal reasons, then a professional skip tracing organization will be able to make you an affidavit of diligence, which is a special document detailing the reasons why the skip could not be contacted, thus minimizing your own liability. 

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