Regardless of whether you are trying to serve the neighbor down the street or an ex-business partner across the country, service of process always has the potential to present a few complications. These problems may be relatively simple and easy to solve, such as discovering that the person who you are trying to serve keeps unconventional hours, or it could be as complicated as discovering that the person who you are trying to serve has skipped town and apparently changed their name!

Although any case has the potential to be challenging, it is nonetheless a pretty general rule that nationwide process serving tends to be a bit more complicated than local process serving. At the very least, you will have different jurisdictions to worry about, which is one good reason to hire a certified process server in order to ensure that you are in compliance with any and all regulations, which can vary greatly from place to place. In more complicated scenarios, such as the aforementioned “town-skipper” possibility, (which is all too common) you may have some serious work set out for you.

Usually, when a person appears to be unfindable, you have more options than you may think. Professional skip tracers generally boast a wide array of powerful tools that can help them track down even the smartest skips. For example, here at Elite Processing, we have a proprietary search engine that allows us to quickly, effectively, and comprehensively search a number of public databases in no time at all. Our strong connections with local and nationwide record-keeping organizations and public entities also comes in very handy. (For example, we have worked alongside local law enforcement on several occasions, which is a level of trust and confidence that not all skip tracers attain.) Moreover, we also use published sources such as obituaries, marriage notices, etc. in order to guide us to our skip. And, in the case that all else fails, our trained investigators are always prepared to hit the streets in order to perform interviews with any and all connections of the skip that we have found. (And it is very rare to not find any connection to a skip — after all, even the most flighty of fugitives still have personal lives!) Because of the wide range of tools at our disposal, along with our fourteen years of experience in the industry, we are almost always successful at finding skips. And, because we offer both process serving and skip tracing, we can make your job a whole lot simpler!

There are a number of other universal challenges of process serving that apply whether your subject lives right here in Cook county or a thousand miles away — for example, the risk that the person in question will attempt to refuse the service, or even become angry/violent. Such complications oftentimes warrant hiring a process server by themselves, whether travel and skip searching are involved or not. All things considered, the cost of hiring a process server is often null compared to the complications and risks that can occur otherwise. In the end, the smartest decision, both financially and personally, is to win your case. That is exactly what we at Elite Process specialize in helping you do. Contact us today to learn more about our process services.